New Japanese toy: Endless chocolate bar breaker


Do you like the feeling you get when you break a chocolate bar in half? Do you want to experience that feeling over and over for some reason? Then you’re in the target group for a new Japanese toy called Mugen Chokoreeto [JP], which (kind of) translates back to “Endless Chocolate Bar”. It’s the brainchild of major Japanese toymaker Bandai.

It’s essentially a mini toy made of plastic that looks like a small chocolate bar and that you can “break” into two parts repeatedly. You can choose between three “flavors”: milk chocolate, high-milk chocolate and white chocolate. The “bars” have a case, too, and weigh 22g. The Meiji branding you see on the picture above is actually the result of a licensing deal Bandai made with a real Japanese confectionery company called Meiji Seika.


Bandai plans to start selling the Endless Chocolate Bar in Japan on January 30. The official target group are men in their 20s. The bars will cost $7 each and are the newest addition to the Mugen series Bandai started a while ago.

The Mugen Pop Pop, for example, made it to America. But if you don’t want to take a chance, I suggest you contact import/export specialists Rinkya or the Japan Trend Shop in case you’re interested but live outside Japan.