Office Depot somehow gets exclusive rights to sell $230 NASCAR chair


I don’t know how in the world Office Depot managed to secure the rights to this exclusive, limited edition “No. 14 Tony Stewart NASCAR High-Back Leather Bonded Chair” but all the suits at Office Max and Staples must be going ape shit right about now. If you don’t have stock in Office Depot, buy as much as you can afford as soon as possible (disclosure: I don’t own any stock in Office Depot… YET).

And if you’re in a position of power at your company, you certainly don’t need me to tell you how important it is that you buy this chair. Think of the intimidation factor. Nobody’s gonna mess with the guy who bought the $230 NASCAR chair. A guy like that jumps on people and bites them in the head like Blanka from Street Fighter II.

NASCAR High Back Bonded Leather Chair Limited Edition [Office Depot]