Rhapsody for Android Beta goes live


If you’re an Android handset owner who happens to double as a Rhapsody customer, you might have spent the last few months feeling like you’ve been left out in the cold; more specifically, you might be a bit chuffed that the iPhone has a Rhapsody application while Android phones don’t.

We’d heard tales that Rhapsody was all set to launch for Android by the end of 2009, but, as anyone with a calendar could tell you, that just didn’t happen. It may be a bit later than we expected, but Rhapsody took their first big step into the Android-waters just minutes ago by launching the Rhapsody for Android Beta program.

They’re not making it available on the Android Market just yet — but beyond that, it looks like they’re only limiting testing to those who: A) Are Rhapsody-to-go members (there’s a free 7 day trial – don’t forget to cancel!), and B) know the proper URL. Speaking of which, you can find the Rhapsody for Android Beta download at: http://www.rhapsody.com/android/download. The Android app appears to give you access to Rhapsody’s 8-million-plus catalog of on-demand music, along with features like Rhapsody Radio.

Remember, of course: this is beta software, so it’s not without its flaws. Amongst the known bugs so far: folks rocking HTC Heros or Nexus Ones might see a few freezes here and there, tracks may end a bit abruptly while streaming over a 3G connection, and there’s an issue with purchasing MP3s while the handset is connected to a computer via USB. If sketchy bugs freak you out, stay away for a while; otherwise, dive on in.