Twilight dude could play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4; Conan news

Why do he look so damn tortured? What does he have to brood about? He’s young, rich, and Hollywood’s go-to guy.

Shocking news, friends. You know the guy who plays Edward in Twilight, Robert Pattison? (Note: I didn’t know the guy until just this very moment. I don’t watch TV, you see.) Well if Sony has its way he will play Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man 4 movie. You’ll recall that the new movie is going to be a reboot of the franchise (why not just let the franchise die, it had a good run?), and this guy is Hollywood’s new “in” guy, so he’s been tapped to take Tobey Maguire’s old role.

The studio wants someone youthful to play Peter Parker, since the story of the new movie revolves around a high school-age Peter Parker. Other people allegedly being considered are Michael Cera (the kid from Arrested Development and that new Youth in Revolt movie) and Chace Crawford. I have zero idea who Crawford is. Sorry that I don’t keep up with pop culture nonsense.

In other Hollywood news (I’m CG’s new Hollywood affairs editor, by the way), it looks like NBC is playing hardball with our beloved Conan O’Brien. (We’re all on Team Conan here at CG.) Jeff Zucker, who’s in charge of NBC, and, incidentally, is responsible for this whole mess in the first place by wanting to replace Leno back in 2004, has threatened to keep Conan off the air for three years! Apparently NBC is done playing games and just wants Conan off the air and to give Leno the Tonight Show and try to pretend this whole mess never happened. Bullshit, yes.


In an ideal world, NBC has to pay Conan tens of millions of dollars for screwing him out of The Tonight Show, then Conan goes to Fox and starts a show this fall. Conan cannot stay at NBC given how it has so openly tried to ruin him.