Comcast acknowledges 2005 by slowly rolling out remote DVR scheduling


Do you have a Comcast DVR? I do. I also have a TiVo, which has had remote scheduling since 2005. I can almost schedule recordings remotely to my Comcast DVR. Not yet, but almost – it’s not available in Boston yet, apparently. If you have a Comcast DVR, check out to see if the service has been switched on in your area.

If it has been switched on, you’ll be able to schedule recordings, view upcoming recordings, modify scheduled and series recordings, and manage multiple DVR boxes. It’s called myDVR Manager. The trick, from a marketing standpoint, is to lowercase the “my” part of it and leave out the space between “my” and “DVR” so as to show that it’s an online product.

Comcast Remote DVR Scheduling is Here! (For Some) [Zatz Not Funny!]