Resident Evil on NES? Now wait just a darn minute

It was a long time ago but I could swear that Resident Evil came out on the Playstation. Yes. I’m sure now. Definitely not the Nintendo Entertainment System. Then why is there a Famicom cartridge with some sort of quasi-Resident Evil available on eBay? Ah — piracy.

Not that NES game piracy is a big issue these days, at least not in cartridge form. And although this RE clone is pretty unexpected to find in a physical medium, this kind of game is increasingly common. “De-makes,” as they are called, are all over the place, from Left 4 Dead to Gang Garrison II — TIGsource had a whole competition based on them.


There are a ton of these “pirate originals” cartridges, but unfortunately it looks like they’ve recently been taken off the auction block (bought?). Ah well. Now you know what to search for.

[via Technabob]