Sprint Samsung Moment updated for anyone willing to leave their house


Remember the good ol’ days of being a cell phone owner? Back when you could probably name every color your screen could display, 2G data connections were mind blowing, and gettin’ your firmware flashed meant taking a trip to the good ol’ neighborhood carrier outlet? Yeah – we’re back to that.

Sprint’s making a throw back to that last practice of yesteryear, with the release of a firmware update for the Samsung Moment. Awesome! Everyone loves new software! Here’s the catch: you can only get the update if you’re willing to cruise on over to a Sprint store and get your handset flashed manually.

What’s that you say? Android is supposed to be capable of over-the-air updates? Yeah, you’re right. It could be that part of this specific upgrade just doesn’t play friendly with the OTA system, or it could be that Sprint isn’t armed with the infrastructure to get it done for this specific handset; whatever the reason, I’d be willing to bet it isn’t something that Sprint is happy about.

The new update brings AGPS improvements (allowing in-door positioning), updates to a handful of the built-in Sprint apps, a few little bug fixes, and an increase in battery performance. If all that sounds worthwhile to you (the battery performance improvement would sell me on it all by itself), head on over to the nearest Sprint store. Be sure to tell them to read MobileCrunch (and send us pictures of fun new stuff!) while you’re there.

[Via AndroidCentral]