Verizon breaks out lower-priced unlimited voice plans, keeps smartphone plans the same


Good ol’ VZW just released details about its new unlimited plans and AT&T should probably take notes. The voice-only plan dropped from $99 to only $69 and the voice/text plans is now only $89 instead of $119. The same plans are available on a pre-paid basis for only $5 more per month. The new, lower-priced plans are available today, and just like all of Verizon’s services, current customers can switch to these plans even if they are under contract with another rate plan.

Data packages were also revised, but not nearly as much. The $9.99 for 25MB data package is now available for all VZW 3G multimedia phones. Previously, this plan was only available with select featurephones, but not anymore. Now anyone but smartphone users can opt for that package.

Speaking of smartphones, Verizon didn’t touch the $29.99 per month plan. It’s still the same and probably not going to drop anytime soon. That’s going to be Verizon’s bread and butter as the carrier launches more and more Android and Blackberry devices.