Video: There’s a lot going on in this Star Wars Adidas commercial

Star Wars sneakers from Adidas are coming. Fair enough. This new commercial features what looks like a scene from Indiana Jones at the very beginning, then we’ve got a random shot of Snoop Dogg, Darth Vader, and then Daft Punk looking at Darth Vader as if to say, “That guy stole our shiny helmet look.” You guys look more like bounty hunters, Daft Punk. Just saying.

You like stickball? Cool, that’s in there. Howsabout urban foot races? Covered. Break dancing? Yes. Swing sets? That too. R2D2 sweatshirt? Check. Hip hop remixes of Star Wars music? Affirmative. Shots of the actual shoes? Maybe for a split second or two. Not really, though.

[YouTube via Newlaunches]