Conan O'Brien, do you want to be a CrunchGear intern for a little while?


All of us here at CrunchGear are fairly angry at the way NBC has treated you, Conan. So here’s our offer: if you and the peacock decide to part company (and you really ought to, provided the network takes care of your staff and everyone else who moved from New York to Los Angeles, and provided you walk away with some fat cash), we’d like to offer you an internship. That’s right: Conan O’Brien, CrunchGear intern. That has a nice ring to it, no?

Just ask Jimin what it’s like to be a CG intern. Since I don’t know where Jimin is right now, I’ll give you a preview: have you ever wanted more USB thumb drives than you know what to do with? CG interns get them in spades, since that’s how companies give you product images and whatnot from live events. (I personally took home something like 10 USB thumb drives from last week’s CES.) What you do with these USB thumb drives after you copy over the data is your business—maybe you’d like to paint President Obama’s face on them and sell ’em in Union Square in New York? That’s your call.

All of this assumes, of course, that NBC doesn’t consider interning for CrunchGear to be a competing job. You’re going to have a few months of non-compete time, right, before you (hopefully!) get a show at another network? Spend ’em here with us, you’ll have a blast. We’ll make jokes in the official CrunchGear Chat Room.

So Conan, if you’re thinking of a way to sit out your non-compete time, the door is wide open for you here at CrunchGear.