Asus getting into the e-reader game in a big way

In_Gear_asus-e-readerAsus leaked some information recently about their upcoming e-reader, the DR-570. Not content to be a “me too” with the standard black and white e-ink product, it looks like they are going to be coming out with an OLED offering that might just kick the rest of the e-readers to the curb.

Details are still a little sketchy, but here’s what we do know. The new reader is currently called the DR-570, it’s a 6 inch OLED color screen that’ll run for 122 hours on one charge, and is capable of running Flash video over a wifi or 3G connection. That sounds like a borderline tablet product to me, but with some incredible battery life. What we don’t know is when exactly it’ll come out or what it’ll cost. The buzz is that we should expect it around the end of 2010, but we all know that Asus sometimes is a little optimistic with their release dates.

Thanks to Erich for the tip.