Aol's MediaGlow Site Mysteriously Vanishes

A year ago Aol trumpeted the launch of MediaGlow, a new business unit led by exec Bill Wilson. Sometime recently, though, the MediaGlow website, at, vanished. It now redirects here.

The unit included all of Aol’s content sites, including the home page and dozens of sub brands like Engadget and TMZ. All those sites are still there, of course, but Aol seems to be killing off the MediaGlow brand itself.

Last June the company issued a press release boasting 76.3 million unique monthly visitors to MediaGlow sites (the majority of which are from And the business unit has been hiring journalists en masse – Aol now probably has the largest news room in the world.

Wilson’s corporate bio still says he runs MediaGlow. We’ve reached out to AOL for comment.