China said, India said: Cyberattacks have the countries pointing fingers at each other


You know how when you watch Fox News and CNN and whatnot there’s all these reports of evil Chinese (or North Korean or whoever our enemy is this week) hackers attacking poor, defenseless American servers? Well, if you believe what the Chinese government just said, then it turns out that, in fact, China is the biggest victim of cyberattacks each year. This all stems from an Indian complaint that Chinese cyberattackers had attacked computers belonging to the country’s National Security Advisor.

Right, so last week the Indian National Security Advisor claimed it was attacked by China-based baddies, a claim China disputes. China then turned the complaint on its head, saying that no! In fact, China is the biggest victim in all of this. Its biggest search engine, Baidu, which makes Google look like Ted’s Search Engine Emporium, was the recent victim of a cyberattack. Stop blaming China for everything, so to speak.

Why this is on CrunchGear, I don’t know. Actually, to be honest, we (and by “we” I mean the entire tech press) are just sorta killing time till Apple’s announcement next week. Such is life.