FIOS packages strike your fancy?


Verizon has a bunch of new FIOS packages that may interest you. The top of the pile is the Ultimate package, which gives you “90 or more” HD channels, plus an Internet connection of 35/35, which is 35 mbps download, 35 mbps upload. The upload speed is impressive, but I still have triple the download speed. (I seriously run at 11 MB/s when downloading from Usenet. It’s almost unnecessary how fast it is.) This top package is $149 per month.

There’s two other new packages, modestly titled Extreme and Prime. Prime, the cheapest, runs at $109 per month, and grants access to 40 or more HD channels plus a 15/15 mbps Internet connection. Extreme? That’s $124, with 65 or more HD channels, with a 25/25 Internet connection.

And while I have no problem with the Internet speeds, especially if FIOS is the only game in town, the thing about the HD channels is, there’s nothing on TV worth watching. The initial HD buzz dies pretty quickly, which means you can only watch nature documentaries so many times before you’re like, “OK, I get it.” That’s for the average person, of course—maybe you’re a big nature mark?

I mean, outside of live sports, what else in TV is worth sitting through? Maybe Top Gear, and only because it’s shot so well (and the hosts are pretty cool).