Garmin hops on the satellite imagery bus


Newsflash: birds see a LOT of stuff thanks to the fact that they can fly. Garmin wants to give you the same sensation (minus the flying part) with its new “BirdsEye Satellite and Aerial Imagery” feature, “an annual subscription service that gives users the option of loading highly-detailed photo-based maps to select Garmin handheld navigators,” according to a recent press release.

You’ll be able to access the imagery on Oregon, Dakota, and Colorado series GPS units for $30 per year. It’ll be available starting in March. As for the imagery itself:

The images are among the most highly-detailed available – offering 0.5 meter per pixel resolution in many areas of the United States.  Users can also view imagery at every zoom level – from 12 miles to 20 feet – unlike other offerings that force users to stay at pre-determined zoom levels.  BirdsEye Satellite Imagery also lets users overlay vector maps, to get a better idea of terrain contours and points of interest.

It’s being pitched at hunters, hikers, geocachers, and tourists.

Garmin Launches BirdsEye Satellite and Aerial Imagery [Press Release]