Japanese Twilight/New Moon DVD box includes a movie on microSD


Teenage movie sensations Twilight and New Moon have grossed over $1 billion at box offices worldwide so far (New Moon is still in theaters), and both movies have proven to be extremely successful in the world’s second biggest movie market, Japan, too. That’s perhaps the reason why the second movie (New Moon) gets a special treatment in this country, namely a huge and Japan-only DVD premium box.

The so-called New Moon / Twilight Saga Premium Box – “Always” Edition will be limited to just 2,000 units and includes:

  • New Moon movie DVD (130 min.)
  • Special features DVD (170 min.)
  • New Moon photo cards
  • A photo stand
  • Mini stickers/ film stripes
  • A microSD card containing Twilight

The DVDs will be bilingual (English and Japanese) and region 2-coded, meaning you’ll need a region-free player to view them. Needless to say the real collector’s item here is the microSD card, which lets you watch the complete first movie (Twilight) on your cell phone (the Japanese do that sometimes).

But beware, as that movie will probably be dubbed in Japanese (unclear at this point). And you’ll probably need a special, 1Seg TV-enabled phone to use the card.

If all of these factors and the high price ($90) don’t scare you, I suggest contacting import/export specialist CD Japan if you want to pre-order the box (they’re listing it already). It will go on sale in Japan on March 26.

Via AV Watch [JP]