Leaked: Alleged screenshot and details of iPhone OS 4.0


I could really write this post in all of about eleven words, and it would still have the same effect. It’d go something like this “Apple, leak, new iPhone OS, screenshots, multitasking, banshees, multi-touch gestures”. However, I’m from the Internet, and we’re paid by the word* around these parts.

To make a short story long, one of Boy Genius’ “connects” (a word which he’s trying his damnedest to make trendy) came through with an alleged screenshot of iPhone OS 4.0 and some details. The screenshot is just trivial enough to seem a bit shaky, though BG says the source is trusted.

What the source had to say:

  • Multi-touch gestures are being incorporated throughout the OS
  • There will be a “few new ways” to run applications in the background.
  • Plenty of UI changes were put in place to make using the OS more efficient.
  • Sadly, the rumor indicates iPhone OS 4.0 will be iPhone 3G/3GS only. iPhone 1 owners, it’s time to retire your piece.
  • “Brand new syncing” capabilities for the calendar/contacts system.

As with almost every Apple rumor in the history of ever, the details are just vague enough — but also just enticing enough — to pique everyone’s interest without revealing a damn thing. Churn on, rumor mill – churn on.

* Not really.