Want to hack the MiFi? You can!


Team CrunchGear, with a 1-1 record with one no-contest (accidental headbutt in the first round), used one or more Mi-Fi units at CESthis year. The Mi-Fi is a cute little portable Wi-Fi access point that you can use wherever you can get a cellphone signal. It takes the mobile data connection, then outputs it as plain ol’Wi-Fi, which you can then connect to from any computer. It’s also pretty hackable.

The big thing you can do is enable GPS on the device without the owner knowing, and then find out the user’s GPS coordinates. In the realm of remote attacks, this ranks, for me, at least, fairly well down the list. You can also find out the device’s access key, and from there you can do other nefarious things, like fire up something like ettercap and have the owner’s login credentials for whatever Web site be forwarded right to your screen. Not that I’d know anything about doing that.

Oh, I’m sorry, this has nothing to do with the Apple Tablet; nobody cares now.