CrunchGear's "Clean Out My Office" Contest: Day 3


Congrats to Pkansa for winning yesterday’s secret Twitter contest (follow CrunchGear and johnbiggs to see them). Today, however, we have a special treat from… and it’s not a Tenga jar.

This time I’m giving out a pair of his and hers Elecom hard cases for the iPhone direct from Japan complete with these weird dongle things that the Japanese hang off of their phones. One is some kind of cat and the other is a pair of his and hers puffy kitten things. I seriously have no idea what they are SynBay.

To win, simply comment below and indicate which JList Wacky Keychain you love the most. I like this one, the Six Organs model. Who wants to hang organs off their phone? WTF Japan?

I’ll also be dropping some Twitter prizes today so keep your eyes on the prize.

UPDATE – Congrats to chris swan for winning the cases.