EX series: Sony to roll out 8 new BRAVIA TVs (video)


A total of eight new LCD TVs have been announced [JP] by Sony in Tokyo today, and all of them are part of the new BRAVIA EX series. Sony has unveiled four EX700 (flagship) models with LED backlight, one TV named EX500 and three rather basic devices branded as EX300.

The EX700 TVs (the biggest model is pictured above) will be available in four sizes: 32 inches (Japanese street price: $1,300) 40 inches ($1,860), 46 inches ($2,600) and 52 inches ($3,300). All of these models offer full HD resolution, LED backlight, 10W×2ch speakers, BRAVIA Engine V. 3, BRAVIA link, four HDMI ports, a USB port, digital and analog TV tuners, web video service connectivity (i.e. YouTube), and a cool motion detection sensor (the TVs will be turned off automatically if no human is in their vicinity).


Th EX500 (pictured above) is only available in one size (40 inches) and features basically the same specs as the EX700 models (full HD, same number of HDMI and USB ports, same speakers and web connectivity). But it only features CCFL backlight. It will cost $1,500.


The three models of the EX300 range are the most basic BRAVIAs Sony unveiled today. They offer the same basic functions and connections as the EX500, but these models offer only WXGA (1,366×768) resolution and weaker speakers. At least they’ll be available in four different pop colors, i.e. pink (see picture). Prices: $770 for the 22-inch TV, $900 for the 26-incher and $1,100 for the 32-inch model.

All of the EX TVs will hit Japanese stores on February 25.

Here’s a (Japanese) promo video: