Incredibly detailed man-sized fighter jet model actually flies using jet engines

Okay, this is the most dedication I’ve ever seen to model-making. Even more than those hentai fanatics and their Rei Ayanami figures. This guy spent I don’t know how long making a ~1/6th size model of a SU-27. I started clicking through the pages, thinking there would be around 10. Spoiler alert: there are 83. And nearly a thousand photos, documenting every tiny, tiny rivet and detail being done. Modelers, get ready to spend a couple hours in increasing astonishment. For the rest of you, I collected a few choice shots.

The saga starts here.

The chosen scale is 1/ 6.5 resulting in a length of 3375 mm and a wingspan of 2300 mm ( including weapon stations )

As far as I can tell, he just got the manual for making a real SU-27 and just divided everything by 6. Every little rivet and hatch is accurately represented. There’s even a little guy in the cockpit! And by the way, I can’t be the only who who thought that the little kid in the pictures was actually going to grow up and go to college while this thing was being built.

And here’s the video of its certification flight. I think it was being certified as “the most awesome thing ever.”

Anyway. Not exactly news, but buddy, this is worth sharing.

[via Reddit]