Thanko's Micro Sport MP3 Player weighs just 8g (video)

Thanko, the Tokyo-based maker of all things USB, sometimes produces gadgets that aren’t silly. Today, the company announced the Micro Sport MP3 Player [JP] that’s supposed to be especially suitable for people who want to listen to music while doing sports. The only drawback is that the thing doesn’t look to be designed for this purpose at all (but maybe that’s just me). Integrating one earbud into the main unit might lead to problems.


The device features 4GB of memory, weighs just 8g and supports MP3 and WMA files. Charge the battery (which takes an hour) and you can listen to music for four hours continuously. You can connect the Micro Sport player to your Windows PC or Mac via USB 2.0. Thanko says the player is one of the smallest and lightest of its kind.
thanko_mp3_3Thanko already started selling the player in Japan. If you are interested in getting the device, head over to Geek Stuff 4 U where you can get it for $87.78.

This is Thanko’s (Japanese) promo video for the player: