BookBook wraps your Macbook in old leather

pageHeroImages_bookbook3Finding a case for your computer is easy. Finding one that’s unique and still protects your computer can be a whole different story. Neoprene protects really well, and there are assorted other products that will protect your Mac Book, but they all look the same. Here’s your chance to use something that’s custom and unique – the BookBook. Based on the concept of hiding in plain sight, the BookBook case resembles an antique leather-bound book.

Of course, the BookBook is hand-distressed, but instead of it happening over years, it happens rather quickly in order to make it a marketable product. Still, once the cover is zipped closed it pretty much looks like a book. The zipper pulls are intentionally designed to look like a bookmark, and once closed, to the causal observer it looks just like a book. I like it, I just wish they made one for netbooks.

The BookBook case is available for the 13 inch or 15 inch MacBook for $79.99.

[Via Gizmodo]