The fastest netbook in the world

fastest-notebook1This is technically a DIY project, but I don’t know how many people are actually capable of doing this modification. What’s so scary about it? I dunno, shoehorning a Core Duo processor into a Sony Vaio UX17, one of the smallest netbooks available. Obviously this is a one off, so don’t expect to see it for sale any time soon.

The standard UX17 is a Core Solo, with 1GB of RAM and weighed about 17 ounces. The new improved version is a Core Duo U7700 which had to be hand soldered on to the motherboard. The modders also put a 128GB SSD drive in, but they were unable to increase the amount of RAM. There are a few drawbacks with this level of hardware in a netbook like this. The builders didn’t mention the battery life, and there’s no doubt in my mind that heat will be be an issue as well. Regardless of the problems, it’s still impressive that anyone can put that much technology in a such a small case. For the full write up, including how they did it, visit Tom’s Hardware.