Via Sony's bio-battery: RC cars can now be powered by sugary drinks


Sony has been working on the development of efficient bio-batteries since 2007, but the company hasn’t really come close to commercialization so far. The batteries, which exist as prototypes, can be recharged not by using methanol as fuel but glucose. And it makes sense, as a single bowl of rice contains the same energy as 96 AA batteries.

And using the bio-battery in real products might soon become reality, it seems. This week, Japanese toymaker Takara showcased a few radio-controlled toy cars that are powered by the Sony battery. Power is generated by using enzymes to break down glucose found in sugary drinks. Cola, juice, soda and sports drinks can be used, as long as the liquid contains around 7% glucose.

Takara says the prototype cars are able to run for around 60 minutes with “one charge” of 8cc of sugary liquid. The cars can run faster when you fill them up with sweeter liquids, which basically is the same as highly concentrated fuel.

Via The Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]