Churches (and others) will have to upgrade their mics right quick or the FCC will be very angry


The absurdity of this issue, I swear. Get this: churches (and other deals like outdoor events) have been using microphones that operate on the 700MHz spectrum since, like, forever. It turns out that that part of the spectrum, 700MHz, is to be set aside for over-the-air digital TV broadcasts. You see where this is going: churches all over the country are going to have to upgrade their microphones, sound systems, etc. lest they run afoul of the law come June, 2010. You’d think God would have warned them about this.

It seems churches have known about the issue for some time, but have chosen to ignore it. A blasé attitude, if you will. “The FCC can’t be serious about this, can they?”

Yes. Yes it is.

Well, kinda.

Since no records were kept on items using the 700MHz space, the FCC has no real reason of knowing who’s operating there. But don’t worry! Wireless microphone makers—companies like Shure and Sennheiser—have rebate programs to help get rid of your old, 700MHz equipment and into new, FCC-friendly equipment.

It’s not just churches that are affected, but other areas like schools, plays, and sporting events.

I tell ya, this has to be the single most boring story I’ve ever been exposed to. Let’s talk about piracy some more or something.