Look, up in the sky. It's 3 more Iranian satellites.


It’s your daily space (Space?) update. The subject today: Iran, a country we in the United States are programmed to hate (I’ve never met an Iranian, but I’m sure they’re friendly people), may well launch three new satellites in the near future. Be afraid, I guess.

The satellites, named Toloo, Ya Mahdi, and Mesbah-2, were confirmed to be in development by the country’s communications minister, will be launched in February.

The second one I mentioned, Ya Mahdi, is an experimental satellite. It’s going to be used to test cameras and other communications equipment.

You may remember that Iran launched a satellite last year, and it’s caused people to freak out because, you know, can’t let other people have access to a technology that may or may not be used for less than noble means.

Incidentally, we’re going to be launching a satellite our of own into space. It’s called J-BIGGS 1.