RetroCrunch: The Bloc-Alarm door stop

bloc-alarmGoing to try something a bit different today, and talk about some retro technology. Here’s a rather simple gadget called a Bloc-Alarm. Intended for the cheapskate who doesn’t want to actually pay for an alarm service, or for someone that is staying in a hotel, the Bloc-Alarm is basically a wedge shaped door block that triggers if someone tries to open a door.

Now the lovely copper one pictured is the vintage version, but this product is still available online if you need one. Simple and inexpensive, this is a great example of old school tech that never gets old. Sure, you can get a robot and train it to watch the door and sound an alert if someone enters, or set up your own laser grid to warn you of intruders, but this little gizmo will cost you $9.00 (plus shipping) from Amazon.

[via Retro Thing]

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