Twin Video: pocket camera for the narcissist

Ion Audio’s latest creation in a rather unique take on the pocket camcorder. The Twin Video has two cameras in it, allowing you to record not just what you are seeing, but what your reaction is to what you are seeing. I don’t really see the point behind having two cameras built in the device, other than for the “2 girls one cup” style reaction shots.

We saw this camera at CES, and if you were watching our coverage, you saw that they were showing the camera to someone else when we stopped by their booth. They told us all about it, including the expected retail price of $249.

Hopefully you’ll have better ideas on how to use this thing then I do. It’s reportedly going to arrive sometime during 2Q2010, and while the MSRP isn’t official, the company rep told us at CES they expected it to be priced at $249.