UK and Ireland startups take note – Tech Tour is coming

The European Tech Tour Association is a not exactly a high profile outfit. It’s common knowledge if you’re a VC but I still come across startups who haven’t heard of it. It generally organises two or three day ‘tours’ of countries or regions, involving blue-shirted VCs and corporate investors hunting down technology companies. Think big gaming hunting but done over Powerpoint pitches and cocktails in the evenings.

The best startups in a country/sector are selected to present, but, a little like the World Cup, the Tour hasn’t been to the UK for a while.

But now the the UK Ireland TechTour 2010 will run from 27-29 April. Startups can apply here until February 15. As The Equity Kicker VC blog points out, it’s a good way for startups to build profile in the European venture scene and to meet investors.