Laptop Mag's cornucopia of system ratings is really quite thorough

What do you mean, show more emotion?

We all know by now that HP is the largest PC seller out there. Good for HP. But when you’re shopping for your next system, it helps to know how Brand A compares to Brand X. Our friends at Laptop Magazine have done just that, and put together a series showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of this brand versus that brand. Best part: regular users—like you!—are invited to give your thoughts, which will be compiled into a sort of go-to glossary. Good idea.

Being a Laptop Magazine production, the first round of ratings cover netbooks and notebooks. Let’s quickly look at Toshiba to get an idea of what’s going on. Also, I’ve never owned a Toshiba, um, anything, so it’ll be helpful for me, too. Yay.

• Only one out of the 14 machines reviewed by Laptop, one received a 5-Star rating (the Mini NB205)

• 43 percent of Toshibas received a 4-Star rating; 21 percent received a 3.5-Star rating; 29 percent received a 3-Star rating

• Picking a needle out of a stack of needles, it looks like Toshibas excel when it comes to multimedia playback, what with dedicated buttons and whatnot

• On the bad side, Toshibas apparently have rubbish trackpads and mouse buttons

And so on. There’s several of these ratings already online, including Apple notebooks, so if you’re either looking to kill a few minutes, or, gasp, actually learn a thing or two before whipping out your credit card, well, there you go. I use a lot of commas, yes. It’s how I talk in real life, too.