Apple further tips their hand about tablet name

ipad-01It appears that Apple has tipped their hand regarding the name of their expected tablet computer. Way back in September of 2009, Apple filed to oppose Fujitsu regarding the name, “iPad”. Apple hasn’t been aggressive about fighting for the name, but they did file for the name on an international scale, and they own that trademark.

The details are pretty technical, but what it boils down to is this: Fujitsu registered the trademark “iPad”, Apple filed to oppose Fujitsu’s move as soon as it was legally possible, in September 2009. Apple has been consistently delaying their court dates, by asking for more time to put together arguments about the case. This is identical to the tactics they used for the name “iPhone” with Cisco back in the day. Apple filed for (and has received) the international patent for the name “iPad” in January 2009.

What’s going to happen? Well, most likely, Apple will launch the “iPad” next week, Fujitsu will file an injunction, and then the lawyers will fight over the name and delay the launch until it’s all resolved.

[via Valleywag]