Portable speaker turns your iPhone into an electric guitar (sort of)


Japan-based Bird Electron has announced [JP] the Ezison 100 today, a quite unusual speaker for the iPhone (or iPod touch) that’s supposed to turn those devices into some kind of electric guitar. The Ezison 100 is (hand)made in Japan, with Bird Electron saying they used mainly wood and acrylic fiber in the production process.


Users are supposed to place their iPhone into the speaker’s housing and connect it with the speaker through the headphone jack. You can then run a guitar app on your iPhone, for example this one, and pretend to be a real guitarist.

The Ezison 100 features a 2W digital amplifier. Measuring 450×150×35mm, the device weighs 650g and is powered by three AA batteries.


You can only get the speaker on Bird Electron’s Japanese website. It will go on sale on January 30 and is limited to 50 units (price: $290). Ask the Japan Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U if they can get one for you.