Asus beat to EEE Keyboard market by knockoff

,Y-L-237117-3Bad news for Asus, the EEE Keyboard that still hasn’t been released yet was beaten to market by a clone. The knockoff version is made by the Chinese company Great Wall, and while the clone version did beat the original to market, there are some serious reasons to wait until Asus releases their version.

The Great Wall version sounds good on paper, 2gb of RAM, a 250gb hard drive, wifi, and a Nvidia chipset and a new Cross PC U510 CPU. It all starts to fall apart when you look at how exactly it works. It’s lacking the built in battery, it doesn’t support dual displays, and will in fact turn off the touchscreen when you plug a monitor into the machine. The Great Wall version will sell for around $570 US in China, but I doubt we’ll ever see it in the US.

Additionally, when you start to compare features (like the touchscreen working when you plug a monitor in), it really seems to me that it’ll be better to wait for Asus to come out with their version.

[Via Tom’s Hardware]