Hello Kitty MP3 player sparkles with Swarovski crystals

Hello Kitty, dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls and women around the world, gets another portable music player. We had a device fully covered with Swarovski cystals in October last year. We had another one, all in black, in December. And today, Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, announced [JP] a player that’s kind of the combination of the two previous ones.

The so-called Hello Kitty Music Player Premium DX is based on Mouse Computer’s black Hello Kitty player from December. But this time, there will be two versions: one featuring Kitty’s trademark ribbon and one featuring a cute flower (instead of the ribbon). Both the ribbon and the flower will be covered with Swarovski crystals. Mouse Computer says the ribbon will be covered with 70, while the flower will be covered with 50 stones.

The player comes with 4GB of internal memory (enough for 960 MP3 or WMA files), and at 45.2×35.5×18.0mm, it’s really tiny (weight: 16g). You’ll also get earphones and a cute USB cable (see above) to connect it to your Windows PC (Macs aren’t supported).

The Hello Kitty Music Player Premium DX went on sale today for $110 and is Japan-only. If you’re interested but live outside Japan, I suggest you contact import/export specialists like The Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya.