Leak Roundup: HTC Supersonic for Sprint, a WiMax-fueled Android beast

When it comes to leaks in the gadget world, when it rains, it pours. In just shy of 20 days, the HTC Supersonic — an absolute beast of a phone — went from non-existent to deeply detailed and fully photographed.

Whether you’ve missed a screenshot or two or just had no idea the Supersonic existed, don’t sweat it – we’ve got your back.

The world got its first hint of of the Supersonic on January 8th, when a listing for the HTC A9292 WIMAX BAR showed up in Sprint’s inventory. The listing confirmed the bar form factor and that it would run on Sprint’s WiMax network, but that was all we knew.

Shortly thereafter, a tipster spilled the beans to Engadget. The details they shared:

  • 4.3″ display. It’s nice and big, but the bad news: It’s not AMOLED.
  • It runs Android 2.1, made all the better with HTC’s Sense interface overhaul.
  • Like the HTC Imagio, it has a kickstand on the back
  • No date revealed
  • Looks similar to the HD2, but in white

WiMax? 4.3″ display? Android 2.1 on an HTC device? We’ll take 3, as long as it looks good – but as no shots had leaked yet, the looks were still in question.

And then…

Bam! The above shots leaked by way of AndroidMobileOs.com. They’re not exactly the most flattering shots in the history of leaks – but hey, the pretty much confirmed the previously leaked details: it looks like an HTC HD2, and has what looks like an Imagio-esque kickstand on the back.

Not satisfied by noisy, blurry pictures? Lucky you! Just hours later, our Russian friends over at YouHTC.RU managed to dig up a considerably clearer shot of the front:

Last but not least, a clear-as-day render showed up over at Androphones. No one seems know if it’s HTC-made or just the work of a dedicated and rather talented individual, but it sure looks legit to us:

So what do you think – could you see yourself toting an HTC Supersonic? If not, what’s holding you back? Lack of keyboard? Sprint as the carrier? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: The HTC Supersonic has now been caught on video – check it out here.

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