Nokia announces a 16GB X6, "Comes With Music" not included

We knew Nokia was preppin’ something for launch today, thanks to some loose lipped execs – but what would it be? Announcing something just one day before a much hyped Apple announcement is always risky; either Nokia thought the product was a big enough deal to overshadow Apple’s goods, or it was small enough that they weren’t too worried about it.

Looks like it’s closer to the latter.

Nokia’s announcement for today? A 16 gigabyte version of the X6, previously only available in 32 gig form. Interestingly, Nokia has decided to strip their all-you-can-eat “Comes with Music” service from this model, but they make up for it with free turn-by-turn navigation.

No pricing is available yet, but we do know that it’ll hit the shelves sometime before the end of March in various finishes: all black, all white, white with pink highlights and white with yellow highlights.