OLED board game pieces promise to take Carcassonne into the far future

My buddy Lou tells this story: he was with his girlfriend at the time and he got a call from a couple they knew. They couple invited them over for “boardgames and wine” and Lou said “Sure.” Then his girlfriend told him that they were not going over for boardgames and wine because, in that couple’s special code, “boardgames and wine” as some sort of weird partner swapping game involving lots of booze.

Anyway, a professor at Queen’s University in Ontario, Roel Vertegaal, showed off a concept board game that uses OLEDs on each piece, allowing you to play games like Settlers of Catan and Candyland with interactive aspects built right into the pieces.

Cool? Sure. Feasible? Eh. Will it ever happen? Doubtful. But it’s fun to dream.

via OLED-display