What is this mysterious Motorola Android device?

Hello, gorgeous. Big ups to whoever convinced Mr. Blurrycam to take a leave of absence so the gadget loving world could get a decent spy shot of this unannounced Motorola Android device.

The guys at mobile.cz somehow managed to scrounge up this shot, and they’re calling it the Motorola “Zeppelin”. I’ll make a hat out of thumbtacks and eat it if that ends up being the name Motorola sells it under, but at least we’ve got something to call it in the mean time.

According to the original source, its packing a 5 megapixel camera, a 3.2″ HVGA display, GPS, and Android behind Motorola’s BLUR user interface. It also looks to have touch sensitive keys, and what is either a D-pad or a touch sensitive trackpad right below the screen.

It’s a bit lower end than the Droid, but a bit higher end than the CLIQ; Motorola could call it the Motorola Mediocre, and it’d still be less damning than the current codename.

[Via Engadget]