Busted BlackBerries? T-Mobile will fix your balls

Everyone loves the feeling of a brand new BlackBerry trackball; you slide your finger across it, and it rolls in place like a hamster in a ball on top of a sea of butter. A few weeks later — primarily on the older devices — it starts to get a bit chunky; within months, it feels like the inside of your BlackBerry is filled with sand.

If it feels like there’s a little angry man inside your BlackBerry pushing the opposite way whenever you try to use the trackball, T-Mobile wants to help. Beginning February 15th, they’ll be replacing the trackballs on any BlackBerry 8100, 8120, or 8320 handsets, free of charge. That still leaves owners of the 8820 and a few other handsets out in the cold – but considering that nearly all T-Mobile BlackBerry handsets are packing optical trackpads at this point, I doubt there will be too many angry folks picketing their long T-Mo spots.

[Source: TmoNews]