iPad Hysteria: Which site has the most instances of 'iPad' on the front page?

Here’s a fun activity to pass the time at work. Well, maybe “fun” is stretching it a little bit but it’s an activity nonetheless. As you’re perusing your favorite tech websites today, hit CTRL-F to bring up your browser’s search function and type in “iPad.” Now try to find which site has gone the most gaga over iPad news by the total number of times “iPad” appears on the front page.

A few front runners, as of around noon Eastern:

  • MacRumors.com: 101
  • TUAW.com: 90
  • CNET.com/Crave: 68
  • MacNN: 64
  • Engadget: 55
  • PC Mag: 53
  • TechCrunch: 44
  • Techmeme: 39
  • jkOnTheRun: 34
  • CrunchGear: 30
  • Gizmodo: 28
  • Apple Insider: 28
  • PC World: 26

And there’s undoubtedly plenty more out there. Can anyone break 101?