In order to attack in this game you have to ROARRRRR

I saw this over the weekend but didn’t realize there was video to go along with it. It’s really representative of the reasons I love the indie games scene. You get completely random ideas like this, actually made into playable games. It’s like the small-scale cinema scene, where every little idea gets filmed because hey, why not? In this case it seems that an experiment with color and volume turned into a game where you have to scream as loud as you can to destroy enemies or remove obstacles. So awesomeRAAAAAAAA

Of course, it’s just a short tech demo, but like so many indie games, what matters is the idea presented. Games occasionally use the microphone, but usually for communication or for some random things like blowing into your ship’s sails. How come there isn’t a top-tier game where you have to speak softly to open some doors, yell to scare enemies, or find a certain pitch and hold it to raise a bridge?

As always, you can find a ton of great free and independent games at TIGSource and Indie Games.