Divine converts a Photoshop design into a blog in seconds

Divin Logo[Ukraine] Divine is a site which converts any Photoshop design to a fully functional theme for WordPress CMS in several seconds. And it doesn’t require deep knowledge of technical HTML details or Photoshop skills. That makes it pretty unusual.

Since August 2009 30,000 users have installed the Divine plugin. Near 800 beta testers suggested approx. 245 ideas and near half of the ideas have been implemented in the first commercial edition – Divine Personal, which is to be released after extensive beta testing in the second quarter of 2010.

A SaaS version is planned for the mass market later this year. This is a web service for those who want to design their sites, web services, blogs, mobile versions of sites in few seconds (using no Photoshop, HTML editor, etc.) created just from a logo or selecting the purpose of website: music band, corporate website etc.

Divine was crash-tested at the last Startup Crash Test 10.0 in Kiev.