DataInherit lets you store passwords in the cloud and assign beneficiaries

[Switzerland] Would you be comfortable with storing your passwords in the cloud? That’s the hope of DataInherit, from Swiss banking security specialists DSwiss, which launched a new password ‘safe’ that lets you store your most important passwords on the company’s servers.

Along with the advantage of being able to retrieve those passwords from wherever you have an Internet connection, the service offers an interesting additional feature: the ability to assign beneficiaries – loved ones, or perhaps business associates or next-of-kin – should anything happen to you. It’s an increasingly awkward problem as we move more and more of our life into the digital domain, how to give others access to that data after we’re gone.

DataInherit data safes have what the company calls “inheritance technology”, which is a fancy way of saying that users can assign beneficiaries to individual data assets “and DataInherit carries out the data inheritance process as specified by the customer including the notification of beneficiaries.”

For its password safes, DataInherit is adopting a freemium model. A free version enables customers to store up to 50 passwords and includes 10MB for documents. While a premium offering costing €1 per month features unlimited passwords storage, 100MB for documents and SMS authentication (mTAN). That’s pretty expensive if compared to other cloud storage offerings based on storage size alone, but it may be worth it for many for the inheritance feature alone.

DataInherit says it will be launching a dedicated iPhone App for its Password Safe service next month.