Firefox Mobile for Android launching "late this year"

Are you an Android user? Are you jealous of all nine people who have Nokia N900s and thus can already use Firefox Mobile? Good news!

While we’ve known for some time that Firefox Mobile (otherwise known by its code name, “Fennec”) was coming to Android, but we didn’t have the slightest idea when. As you could probably assume from the headline of this post, that has since changed.

The guys over at TechRadar had a chat with Mozilla’s VP of Mobile, Jay Sullivan, who went on the record saying that Firefox for Android should debut “late this year”.

So why not sooner? According to Jay, they just couldn’t do it when Android only supported Java development. Once Google added native C/C++ support back in June, however, the path was clear for development.

With Skyfire on the way for Android and Firefox coming within the year, the competition for browser share on the platform should get pretty fierce pretty quickly – and you know what? We’re perfectly okay with that.