Win A Free Ticket To Google I/O 2010

In three months, developers will flock to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for Google I/O, a two-day event put on by the search giant with an emphasis on highly technical sessions. Google has already outlined the main themes of its conference sessions: Android, Chrome (including Chrome OS), and the Enterprise, with other topics will including Google APIs, App Engine, and Google Web Toolkit. Google I/O runs from May 19-20, and we’ve got ten tickets to give away.

To win, let us know in the comments why you absolutely must make it to I/O this year. If you’ve been developing for Android, built a Chrome extension, or used some of Google’s other technologies in a project, include a link to your application/web service for bonus points. We’ll go through the comments tonight and pick the best responses (make sure to include a valid Email address when you submit the comment).

For those of you that don’t win, tickets are selling at an early bird price of $400 through April 16, when they’ll jump to $500. There’s also a $100 academia ticket available for students and faculty.

I/O is focused on helping developers better leverage Google’s technologies, but it’s also been home to some major announcements.  Last year, Google had an Oprah Moment and gave everyone in attendance a HTC Magic Android phone. It’s also where Google launched Google Wave.

Update: Alright, no more submissions — we’re going through the entries and will email the winners tomorrow (we’ll add a reply to each winner’s comment, too).