Don't worry, they'll sell iPads at Best Buy

Allergic to Apple Stores, like me? Not to worry. Tim Cook, COO at Apple, has said (though there is no direct quote at the moment) that Apple will indeed be selling the iPad at places like Best Buy and other partners. This will likely follow a period of Apple Store-only availability, as the sales process is more fully fleshed out and the world becomes more familiar with the device. This isn’t too much of a surprise; after all, they sell other Apple products at Best Buy. The iPad may be Apple’s baby now, but after a little time on the market it’ll be well-understood enough to have a big yellow tag under it.

If you’re curious about the other stuff the man said in this little Q&A, there’s a sort of rough paraphrase over at SAI that’s worth checking out. Nothing should be taken as gospel until a real transcription comes out, but there’s nothing life-changing in there. Just good news for those of us that get creeped out by Apple Stores.

Not that Best Buy is a hell of a lot better, but you know what I mean, right? All those Apple people, smiling at you? Goosebumps.