Canon 5D mk II gets 24p video, improved audio in imminent update

Good news for those of you shooting video on your 5D mk IIs — this month will bring the highly-anticipated 2.0.3 update, which improves a number of aspects of this already-excellent camera. A 24p mode has been added, thank god, which I know a ton of people were looking forward to — and 30p has been changed to 29.97 in order to be NTSC-compatible. Audio sampling has been bumped from 44.1KHz to 48KHz, which is nice, I guess. You can also manually control audio levels now.

Lastly, they’ve added a histogram to movie mode, which will be an immense help for shooters. This update comes as rumors of 5D mk IIIs are swirling, as well as stories of EF-mount camcorders. Who knows? At any rate, the 5D just became a lot more viable as a filmmaking tool, though I maintain that the image quality issues pose a real issue to any video pro.