The 20 European startups that will need to woo us at Plugg 2010

Plugg, the annual conference organised by my TechCrunch colleague Robin Wauters, is due for next week on Thursday (11 March) in Brussels, Belgium. I’ll be there along with other European tech industry pundits, bloggers, venture capitalists and many entrepreneurs, to listen to a slew of presentations by executives from Nokia, Opera Software, Index Ventures, Duval Guillaume, eBuddy and many more (full program can be seen here).

If you’d like to come too, TechCrunch Europe is pleased to offer a 25% reduction on the ticket fee for our readers – simply use promotion code plugg-25percent upon registration and you’re all set.

And if for whatever reason you’re a European startup that couldn’t make this deadline, then check out how to apply for Geek’n Rolla in London on April 20th.

Meanwhile, at Plugg, I’m most looking forward to the yearly Start-Ups Rally, an on-stage pitching competition between European startups. Over the weekend, these 20 startups, who will be pitching a group of judges and the audience in attendance, were announced by the event organizers.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

In alphabetical order, these are the 20 fledgling companies that will get some stage time to woo the crowd:

aNEWSMe (websiteCrunchBase profile)

“Tired of one page readers at your news site? aNEWSme personalized recommendations engine is here for you!”

Apprupt (website - CrunchBase profile)

“An affiliate network for mobile apps that offers developers the chance to increase downloads, while publishers are enabled to monetize their traffic with relevant content.”

CloudSplit (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Cost Control for your Cloud Spend”

Collibra (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Collibra brings together social software and semantic technology to close the gap between business and IT, reducing application integration complexity, mis-implementation risks and mis-communication.”

Datpresenter (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Datpresenter provides learning and training software for professionals. Our platform is a hosted (SaaS) or installable next generation WebTV and Intranet TV presentation platform for delivery of rich media programmes & webinars.”

Distimo (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Distimo offers tools and reports to make distribution of mobile apps easy and transparent.”

English Attack (website - CrunchBase profile)

“English Attack! is the world’s first 100% entertainment-focused, 100% free online method for learning English.” (website - CrunchBase profile)

< " is a Virtual Fitting Room for Internet Clothing Retail. Trial demonstrated it increased clothing sales 3 times and dramatically reduced returns by 28%. It changes clothing eCommerce."

Flowr (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Flowr introduces real-time collaboration into your enterprise.”

Gigswiz (website - CrunchBase profile)

“GigsWiz, a startup based in Helsinki, Finland is building set of statistics and analytics tools for the music industry.”

Hipui (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Hipui redefines mobile user experience and app development. We enable sensor interaction and advanced graphics outside native apps. Cross-platform code runs in cloud, which delivers the UI to devices.”

Inbox2 (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Inbox2 is a premium, connected lifestyle application that brings communication and the people you communicate with into a single, synchronized application on the desktop, web or mobile.”

Lumo Research (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Lumo Flow is a seamless collaboration environment for businesses. Share documents, have discussions and get projects done. Secure and reliable.”

Raz*War (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Quality shaving as a service at fair prices.”

Sclipo (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Sclipo offers affordable & easy web learning apps integrated with social tools for millions of teachers & small organizations, who can not afford expensive and complex eLearning solutions.”

Shotools (website - CrunchBase profile)

< "We help professionals to embrace social media as part of their organization."

Smarkets (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Smarkets is a simple, smart way to bet on your favourite events.”

Stupeflix (website - CrunchBase profile)

“Stupeflix brings groundbreaking innovation to the online video world by providing the fastest, most scalable, flexible and affordable way to create high quality video content on a massive scale.”

Submate (website - CrunchBase profile)

“SubMate is social commuting: save your regular commutes and discover all the people you see everyday.”

TweetMeme (website - CrunchBase profile)

“TweetMeme provides the top retweeted stories as shared by users on Twitter & aggregated by category or channel. We also have the most used retweet button on the web! To find out more visit our site.”