Surprised? Canada Takes Gold In The Race For Most Olympics-Related Google Queries

This year’s Winter Olympic games have come to a close, and while we may have hated the way its broadcast was handled by NBC, that didn’t stop Americans (or people around the world) from turning to their computers to check out the latest news. Google has just posted some search trends it saw during the games, offering some insight into which events captivated each country the most. Google writes that percentage-wise, Canadians searched for Olympics-related queries twice as much as everyone else (no surprise there). The United States came in second. And, rounding out the top three was the Netherlands, even though they had fewer medals than many of the other countries at the Games.

Perhaps more interesting are the events that grabbed the most attention in each country. In the United States, by far the most searches were driven by the tragic death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. Other popular events in the States included the men’s hockey finals and the men’s free skate. Korea’s graph, on the other hand, is absolutely dominated by women’s figure skating, driven by the success of national sensation Kim Yu-Na.  You can find graphs from more countries in the Google blog post.